SF F4W0-60S-DIN44LH (44AH) 60 Months Warranty Ikon (P)

Rs 4,750.00

(Price Listed above After Exchange same AH Old Battery)

Rs. 5,850.00

(Price Listed above without Exchange of Old Battery)

Prices are Inclusive of GST
Product Brand: SF
Product Type: F4W0-60S-DIN44LH
Warranty: 60 Months*
Product Capacity: 44 AH
Dimensions: 210(L)X175(W)X190(H)
Battery Layout: Left
Weight: 13.01 Kg

*Warranty: 60 Months (30 Months Free of Cost + 30 Months Pro Rata).

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Ikon Petrol Car Battery Price Petrol SF F4W0-60S-DIN44LH Trivandrum. AH: 44, Warranty: 60 Months (30 Months Free of Cost + 30 Months Pro Rata).

Battery Tips

How Excessive heat Damage Ikon Petrol Car Battery

Any type of heat due to Electrical problems and Summer excessive Temperature will reduce Car Batteries Life. It is good to check a car battery test and Service periodically

Please Note the Following Tips to Protect Your Car Battery from Heat

Excessive heat and Overcharging Will reduce the Life of a Car Battery. Heat will cause a loss of Battery water level leading to Voltage Drop and Starting Problems. Complaints about the Charging system of a Car will allow a high charging rate which will destroy Battery.

Make sure that the Electrical system is working properly, giving the correct charging rate.

If Your Battery is not Maintenance-free Check and Service, it frequently

Replace the Battery with the Same or High Ampere Specified

Keep the Battery Clean and Dust-free also causes Lose of Battery Charge

Why do You Remove the Negative Terminal First while Replacing Ikon Petrol Car Battery or cleaning the Battery Terminal?

Always the Negative terminal cable is connected with the Chasis of a Car. If you start removing Positive Terminal Cable first, a spark may occur during the action. It happens by any chance the metal tool you’re using for dismantling cables comes in contact with metal any parts of the car. It may cause a fire or spark which may lead to Battery bursting. So it is mandatory to remove the Negative Terminal first for your safety

Battery Maintenance Tips

Forgetting a Long life, Periodic Checking is important for Ikon Petrol Car Battery

Check Clamp: Check your Ikon Petrol Car Battery Clamps and Cradle are fixed properly. Lead wires are in Contact


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