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Renault Car Battery Price India’s Leading Brands Amaron Exide SF Sonic Powerzone Batteries Online Battery Dealer. So Fix Your Car Battery and JUST MAKE A CALL.

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Replace Old Renault Car Battery

Locate the position of the positive and negative terminal of the Renault Car Battery  and mark the polarity on one of the Cable. This will help you install the new Car Battery in the correct position.

Follow all the safety precautions wear glass, grouse etc Handle with care. Use proper tools.

Loos nut and bolt on the cable and Detach the Car Battery terminal cables clamps. Remove the negative Cable first then Positive cable to avoid a spark.

Unstrap Car Battery from cradle metal strap which holds the Car Battery tightly in the cradle.

Take metal strap carefully without falling down two long screws.

Take the Car Battery out from the Car carefully because there is a chance to spill electrolyte this will destroy other car parts. Don’t pull the Car battery out by holding Car battery terminals.

Dispose the Old Car Battery to the Car Battery Shop/Dealer/ Showroom where you planned to purchase new Car Battery. You will be paid for the old Car Battery as per the available market rate.

If you are inside Trivandrum as well as Ernakulam city also listed Cities Kerala, India please Call us on 9747544554 for New Car Battery Installation. We are offering best Buy Back Price for your Old Car Battery.

We showcased all types of Car batteries on our Website  http://battery4u.in/ Including Renault Car Battery Price with, Manufacture Warranty and also Leading Brands. While we ensure Free Home Delivery and Installation within 1hr if it is inside Trivandrum and Ernakulam City

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