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https://battery4u.in/ India’s Leading Online Car Battery Shop started in 2017 has developed into India’s No 1 Car Battery Supplier and Other Electrical energy Solutions provider. It operates in different cities around India with the support of various Car Battery Dealers and Distributors. Brands covering are leading in Indian Car Battery Industry providing with Manufactures Warranty. Giving our Customers facility in delivering superior service, timely supply and after sale Service. Free Delivery and Installation made by experienced Technicians within the limited time of 1-2 Hour, because we know the emergency “Car Battery Failed”

If you are a Hyundai Car owner we have all the ranges, Brands and also Hyundai Car Battery Price Displayed in https://battery4u.in/

Battery Maintenance Tips

Why do You Remove Negative Terminal First while Replacing Car Battery or cleaning Battery Terminal?

Always the Negative terminal cable is connected with the Chasis of a Car. If you start removing Positive Terminal Cable first, a spark may occur during the action. It happens by any chance your metal tool you’re using for dismantling cables comes in contact with metal any parts of the Car.it may cause a fire or spark which may lead to Battery to burst. So it is mandatory to remove Negative Terminal first for your safety.

Check the Car Battery’s water level.

Check the car battery water level regularly will help you to get more life. If the Car Battery water level is found less it is because of overcharging or overheat due to electrical complaints. Maintenance free Car Battery does not need a regular check-up but it is mandatory for Non – maintenance car Battery. Non – maintenance car Batteries have a water level indicator on its Container Fill the Battery Water according to that.

Remove the Car Battery Caps and fill the Battery water with a funnel. use only Distilled Water. Do not overfill water it will cause drop Car Battery Voltage.


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