Honda Brio Battery Price Amaron Brio Car Battery

Amaron-FL-00042B20L (35AH) 55 Months Warranty Brio P

Rs 4,716.00 Rs 3,750.00

Price listed with old Battery | Inclusive of all Taxes

Warranty: 55 Months (30months Free of Cost + 25 Months Pro Rata)

Battery Type : Amaron-FL-00042B20L 

AH: 35

Battery Layout : Left

Key Features

High Cranking Power


High Heat Tolerance

Vibration Resistance

Improved Safety

Long Life

Highest Reserve Capacity

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Honda Brio Battery Price Amaron Brio Car Battery. Warranty: 55 Months (30months Free of Cost + 25 Months Pro Rata). Battery Type : Amaron-FL-00042B20L. AH: 35.  So Fix Your Car Battery and JUST MAKE A CALL. +91 9747544554.

Honda Brio Battery Price Amaron Brio Car Battery.

Honda Brio Petrol model is one of the endearing cars in the Indian Automobile market. The Brio is the only Honda Car model which comes under the price 5 lakhs. It can also easily accommodate in city busy traffic because of its compact design. Recently Honda gives a face lift to Brio after its six year successful service hence the Brio looks more fit and also keen.

Honda Brio Petrol Model is having 35 AH Left layout Battery under the hood. Amaron, India’s Leading Car Battery brand manufacturing suitable Car Battery for Honda Brio Petrol. Amaron-FL-00042B20L 35AH with 55 Months Warranty is Type  for the same.

Amaron Brio Car Battery.

Amaron Car Battery have a good name considering its Best Price and outstanding performance in Indian road as well as weather condition

SilverX Alloy

Amaron Car Battery “Last Long Really Long” as the reason is its Plate construction. Amaron Battery is the only Car Battery in India using patented  SilverX Alloy which also gives freedom from corrosion and result is  Long Life. Most importance is Amaron Car Battery gives all the features together which are amazing Price, Best Performance and Long Life.

Advanta Formula

Improved Advanta Paste formula stops water loss in Amaron Battery and also present a good performance in the electrolyte. As a result this formula helps to increase Life Span and also makes Battery into Zero Maintenance.

Long Life, No Maintenance, Fully Sealed, No Leakage, High Cranking Power and also Silver Alloy Technology

Amaron Car Battery

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