Amaron-FL-545106036 (DIN45) 60 Months Warranty Avventura-P

Rs 4,900.00

(Price Listed above After Exchange same AH Old Battery)

RS 5700.00

(Price Listed above without Exchange of Old Battery)

Prices are Inclusive of GST
Product Brand: AMARON
Product Type: FL-545106036(DIN 45)
Warranty: 60 Months*
Product Capacity: 45 AH
Dimensions: 207(L)X175(W)X190(H)
Battery Layout: Left
Weight: 13.0 Kg

*Warranty: 60 Months (30 Months Free of Cost + 30 Months Pro Rata)

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  • Fast Delivery in 1-2 Hours*
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Amaron Avventura Petrol Battery Fiat Amaron Battery Price. Warranty: 60 Months (30months Free of Cost + 30 Months Pro Rata). Battery Type: Amaron-FL-545106036 (DIN45). AH: 45. So Fix Your Car Battery and MAKE A CALL. +91 9747544554.

Amaron Avventura Petrol Battery Price.

Maintenance Tips for Amaron Avventura Battery

Excessive Heat Amaron Battery

Any type of heat due to Electrical problems and Summer excessive Temperature will reduce Car Batteries Life. It is good to check a car battery test and Service periodically.

Please Note the Following Tips to Protect Your Car Battery from Heat.

Excessive heat and Overcharging Will reduce the Life of a Car Battery. Heat will cause a loss of Battery water level leading to Voltage Drop and Starting Problems. Complaints about the Charging system of a Car will allow a high charging rate which will destroy Battery.

Make sure that the Electrical system is working properly, giving the correct charging rate.

If Your Battery is not Maintenance-free Check and Service frequently.

Replace the Battery with the Same or High Ampere Specified.

Keep the Battery Clean and Dust-free it also causes Lose of Battery Charge.

Safety Measures When Fitting  Amaron Battery

Always follow safety measures when servicing the Car Battery. Wear Safety Glasses and Glosses while working with Car Batteries. Car batteries Produce explosive Hydrogen gas.  For this reason, avoid Sparks, Flames, and cigarettes away from the Car Battery while Servicing. Don’t connect or disconnect when the Car Battery is live Connection makes Sparks that may lead to a Car Battery blast.

Disconnect the Negative Cable First and connect it last to Prevent Dangerous Sparks from the Car Battery. Always work in an open area also don’t lead directly to the Car Battery while Charging save your eyes Car Batteries contain Sulfuric Acid which destroys your dress and burns your skin.

Amaron Avventura Petrol Battery Fiat Amaron Battery Price.

We at showcased Amaron Avventura Petrol Battery Amaron-FL-545106036 (DIN45) with 60 Months Warranty for sale. We have Spot Delivery within 1Hr in selected Cities in India. also, we have facilities like Cash on Delivery Free Installation Manufactures Warranty All Cards Accepted and experienced Technicians. To fix your Amaron Avventura Petrol Battery MAKE A CALL. at +91 9747544554.

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