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Car Battery FAQ

What is the normal life of a Car Battery?

3 to 4 years is the life of a Car Battery. Mainly it depends upon usage, weather and most important is periodical Checkup or Service.

How we identify Car Battery needs replacement?

When Car shows less Cranking also dimmed light during starting.

What happens as Car Battery Life finish

Before the Car Battery fails all the internal reactions become slow. Positive palates will shed down and it affects Battery capacity. Also, negative plate sheds will reduce cranking power. In addition cracks on separators make internal shorts.

Can we add Acid to old Car Batteries to improve performance?

It will never help to improve Battery performance on a long time basis. Car Battery will show a hike only for a short time.

What is the time limit for storing the Car Battery unused?

We can store Car Batteries idle for 12 months by boosting them monthly once. The car Battery will start working when it filled with Acid. With a regular charging process, the chemical reactions will happen and Battery works.

How long we can store a Car Battery in Dry condition?

If we stored it in a dry and cool environment with an airtight seal it lasts for more than 2 years.

How long we can keep the Car Battery in discharged condition?

It is good to recharge Car battery immediately after discharge or within 24 Hours

My Car is Not Starting. How do I know it is because my Car Battery Failed or Car Battery needs Replacement?

Find some reasons for fixing Your Car battery Failed

  1. Car Engine cranks but not Starting.
  2. If Your Car Engine has No Cranks, Not Starting, Lights Not working
  3. Car not Starting many times ( Not Starting after sitting overnight, 1 day Starts and another day not )
  4. If your Cars makes these problems together lights are Dim, Horn is not Sounding properly and Low Electricity

How we can jump Start a Car Battery

Jump Start

What are the Important Services that we should do to maintain a Car Battery

Car Battery Maintenance Checklist

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