SF Sonic FS1440-DIN60 (60AH) 55 Months Warranty Octavia-D

Rs 6,300.00

Price listed with old Battery | Inclusive of all Taxes

Warranty: 55 Months (30 Months Free of Cost + 25 Months Pro Rata)

Battery Type: SF Sonic FS1440-DIN60

AH: 60

Key Features

Lasts longer and maintains its starting power over time.

Flash Start 1440 with C21 alloy is the latest revolution in car batteries.

  • Patented Japanese C21 alloy to withstand severe working conditions
  • Superior starting power, instant ignition
  • Arrestors to prevent acidic corrosion and sparks
  • Dual plate protection against shocks and vibrations
  • No topping up. Zero maintenance
  • Factory charged battery
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Octavia Diesel Battery Price Car Battery Skoda. Battery Type: SF Sonic FS1440-DIN60. AH: 60. Warranty: 55 Months (30 Months Free of Cost + 25 Months Pro Rata). So Fix Your Car Battery and JUST MAKE A CALL.

Octavia Diesel Battery Price Car Battery Skoda
SF Sonic FS1440-DIN60 Octavia-D

Basics of the Car Battery

The Car Battery also called lead Acid Battery is build with a Plate that contains lead and oxide and other additives for getting the Car Battery long life. Battery water that is called an electrolyte, which contains 35% Sulfuric Acid and 65% Distilled Water is also the main part of a Car Battery. Battery Water cause chemical reaction, the outcome is electrons.


We can check the level of the electrolyte with Hydrometer. That is you are checking the level of Sulfuric Acid in Car Battery  Water. If the level of Sulfuric Acid is low it means the chemical reaction is not sufficient. It means Sulfuric Acid in Battery Water is inactive and hiding inside Car Battery Plates. This condition of car Battery is Called no Charge or Voltage in Car Battery. If we recharge the Car Battery the Sulfuric Acid will Active again and the chemical reaction will reproduce electrons. The result is Car Battery again returns to good condition.


In Brief Car Battery or Lead Acid Battery is a Storage Device that Stores electrical energy in the form of Chemical Energy. That Means Car Battery stores electricity not as electricity but as a series of chemicals.

The main use of a Car Battery in a Car is to produce Electrical energy for starting the Car Engine. Car Battery supply electricity for working lighting other Accessories like A/C  Music System etc. After Starting  Car Engine will produce Current by the alternator which recharges the Car battery. The Battery uses only 3% of its Capacity when Car starts. If the percentage increase it shows that Car Battery lifespan ending and Car Battery Needs Replacement

Octavia Diesel Battery

Everybody knows that Car Batteries do not work forever. Car Battery has a life span that depends on many things

4 to 5 years is the Car Battery life that also depends upon how you maintain your Car Battery also weather and Road condition.

Changing Octavia Diesel Battery is easy if you are in Trivandrum and Ernakulam here we are with all the Octavia Diesel Battery Showcased at Our Car battery website just Make a Call we will deliver free at your spot where you are within a short time. No need to travel around in heavy traffic and no need to spend extra Cash for finding a Car Battery Shop.

At you can see all range of Car Batteries listed with manufactures warranty and competitive rates that is low compare to other leading brands in Trivandrum & Ernakulam.

Octavia Diesel Battery Price Car Battery Skoda.

Once you fix your Octavia Diesel Battery our experienced Technicians will directly deliver the Car Battery and Install it free of cost.

SF Battery


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