Honda City Car Battery Price Honda City Diesel Battery SF

SF Sonic – FBZO-BZ 55LS (45AH) 66 Months Warranty City-D

Rs 6,100.00

Price listed with old Battery | Inclusive of all Taxes

Warranty: 66 Months (36 Months Full replacement + 30 Months Pro Rata)

Battery Type: SF Sonic – FBZO-BZ 55LS

AH: 45

Key Features

Lasts longer and maintains its starting power over time.

Flash Start 1800 with C21 alloy is the latest revolution in car batteries.

  • Patented Japanese C21 alloy to withstand severe working conditions
  • Superior starting power, instant ignition
  • Arrestors to prevent acidic corrosion and sparks
  • Dual plate protection against shocks and vibrations
  • No topping up. Zero maintenance
  • Factory charged battery
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Honda City Car Battery Price in Trivandrum Honda City Diesel Battery SF Shop in Ernakulam. Battery Type: SF Sonic – FBZO-BZ 55LS. AH: 45. Warranty: 66 Months (36 Months Full replacement + 30 Months Pro Rata). So Fix Your Car Battery and JUST MAKE A CALL.

SF Sonic – FBZO-BZ 55LS City-D

Honda City Car Battery Price Honda City Diesel Battery SF

Choosing Right Car Battery

How can you find a Car Battery which is suitable for cars and Vehicles If you are not sure first thing you can do is check your car owner’s manual or you can talk to your mechanic? Also, check your Car battery Warranty card if it is attached

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Car Battery type depends on technology

Type of Cars, Driving styles, and Whether Conditions are the main factors for selecting Car Batteries. Whether need a Deep Cycle Battery or Starting Battery. According to weather conditions and driving styles on Indian road, we need starting Battery.

Group Size of The Car Battery

Car Battery Group Size is nothing but based on your Cars make the Model engine. Considering all these Car Battery group sizes will differ accordingly in physical dimensions terminal locations and type of Car Battery.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

Car Battery Industry using CCA rating for specifying Car Batteries capacity to start the engine in cold temperatures. That is 12 volt Car Battery Can deliver at 0F for 30 seconds while maintaining a voltage of least 7.2 volts

Reserve Capacity (RC) Amp per Hour and C20

RC is an indicator to know how long a fully charged Car Battery can work continually supply current to the accessories like Light, horn, A/C, etc. if the alternator got a complaint. Amp per Hour(AH) and C20 capacity are the terms used to show the quantity of energy stored in Car Battery

Dismantling Old Car Battery

Locate  the position of the positive and then negative Car Battery terminal and mark the polarity on one of the Cable. This will help you install the new Car Battery incorrect position.

Follow all the safety precautions wear glass, grouse, etc Handle with care. Use proper tools.

Loos nut and bolt on the cable and also Detach the Car Battery terminal cables clamps. Remove the negative cable first then the Positive cable to avoid spark.

Unstrap Car Battery from cradle metal strap which hold the Car Battery tightly in cradle.

Take the metal strap carefully without falling down two long screws.

Take the Car Battery out from the Car carefully because there is a chance to spill electrolyte this will destroy other car parts. Don’t pull the Car battery out by holding Car battery terminals.


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