Inverter PRIMA P1100 + 150AH Battery SM10000

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Inverter PRIMA P1100


Warranty: 24

Home UPS (Inverter) Type: 1050VA

Key Features

The Pure Sine Wave Home UPS is specially designed with PWM Technology to provide convenience and uninterrupted power to households as well as offices and for any other appliance. The UPS has the requisite power backup solution for both domestic and commercial requirements.

Inverter Battery FSMO – SM10000

Warranty: 36F+24P

Key Features

AH: 150

Tubular Inverter Battery.

  • More than 20% extra Electrolyte which means lesser Topping-up Frequency and Better Thermal Management
  • Abuse Resistant
  • Tall Tubular Technology
  • Electrolyte Level Indicator for easy Top-up
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Deep Cycle Design (600-700 cycles at 80% DOD)
  • Withstand Frequent and Long Power-cuts
  • Faster Recharge
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Inverter Price Ernakulam Inverter Battery Price Trivandrum Shop. Inverter PRIMA P1100, VA – 1050. Battery SM10000, AH – 150. So Fix Your Inverter and Battery Just Make a Call.

Inverter Price Ernakulam Inverter Battery Price Trivandrum Shop
Inverter PRIMA P1100 +  SM10000, 150AH Battery

Home UPS or Inverter PRIMA P1100 + SM10000, 150AH Battery

Maintenance Tips

Periodical  Inspection

Most important is periodical Checkups. Should Inspect Inverter and Battery once in 3 Months

Inverter and Battery Maintenance and Service Tips

Check whether any Cables Screws in different connection are loosened if it is tight it

Inspect Damages to Cables and other parts due to Shorting and other Electrical problems

Clean all the areas if possible use a vacuum cleaner to suck dust and other specks of dirt. Dust and Dirt will cause a breakdown to Inverters and Battery

All the Inverters have a fuse on the backside. Don’t use a thicker gauge fuse while replacing it. This will damage Inverter

Check the Inverter Battery water level regularly will help you to get more life. Overcharging or Overheat due to electrical complaints will lead to water loss in an Inverter Battery. The required level of electrolyte in an Inverter Battery is 1/2” above the Battery Plates also Specific Gravity (SG) is 1.300 when the Inverter Battery is in Fully Charged condition.

Running Inverter Battery with the Dry condition will reduce life badly

Remove the Inverter Battery Caps and fill the Battery water with a funnel. use only Distilled Water. Do not overfill water it will cause a drop in Inverter Battery Voltage.

While doing service with Inverter and Battery Switch off  the Inverter or remove the fuse

Don’t allow water to spill over the Inverter it will damage the unit

Cover the Inverter and Battery with proper ventilation

Inverter Price Ernakulam Inverter Battery Price Trivandrum Shop.

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