Honda Amaze Petrol LIVGUARD ZING ETERNA ZE 38B20L (35AH) 72 Months Warranty TVM

Rs 3,800.00

Price listed with old Battery | Inclusive of all Taxes

Warranty: 72 Months (36 Months Free of Cost + 36 Months Pro Rata)


AH: 35

  • Dimensions: 197(L)X129(W)X227(H)
  • Battery Layout: Left
  • Weight: 10.4 Kg

Product Description

Livguard Eterna ZE 38B20 L battery for Honda Amaze Petrol is engineered to suit all SUVs, mid-sized and large sedans. The internal structure is designed using the latest technology that provides more power and reserve capacity to the battery making it reliable, consistent, and truly maintenance-free.

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Amaze Petrol Car Battery Price Livguard Trivandrum Price. Warranty: 72 Months (36months Free of Cost + 36 Months Pro Rata). Battery Type: LIVGUARD ZING ETERNA ZE 38B20 L. AH: 35. So fix Your Car Battery and JUST MAKE A CALL. +91 9747544554.

Amaze Petrol Car Battery Price Livguard Trivandrum

 LIVGUARD ZING ETERNA ZE 38B20L | Honda Amaze Petrol

Honda Amaze 5 Seater compact sedan is one of the most selling cars in this segment. Launched in 2013 Honda Amaze has been changed on its journey chassis, body, interior design, safety equipment, features, and most important is its transmission. Engines also get improvements for good driving, fuel efficiency, and also comfort. 

Honda Amaze Petrol Models are using 35AH Battery to start and to run other electrical and electronics. Livguard Zing ETERNA ZE 38B20 L battery is designed to suit Honda Amaze Petrol Car. The internal composition is makes by using the latest technology which gives more power as well as durability. Our fast-growing lifestyle and also infrastructure demand products like Livguard Battery.   

The Trivandrum Capital City of Kerala State is also a fast-growing city in India. People residing in Trivandrum and also daily visitors to the city as a Capital City needs high-performance products. Livguard Zing ETERNA ZE 38B20 L Petrol Car Battery provide more reserve capacity to making it reliable and also fully maintenance-free. 

Reasons to Choose Livguard Batteries

Long-lasting and Durable Battery Brand

Good Warranty Life

Innovative & Latest Technology

Availability and also 

Requires Low Maintenance

At BATTERY4U We showcased a genuine LIVGUARD ZING ETERNA ZE 38B20 L battery with 72 Months Warranty for Honda Amaze Petroll with a Discounted Price and also manufactures Online Warranty. We offer fast delivery and installation by our experienced technicians without any extra charge. While we have Cash on Delivery and also we accept all UPI payment methods.


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