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Inverter (Home UPS)

Product Brand: EXIDE
Product Type: INVERTERZ GQP(GQP12V900)
Warranty: 42 Months
Inverter Rating: 900 VA 12V
Dimensions: 365(L)X330(W)X165(H)
Inverter Type: DSP Based Pure Sine Wave Home UPS Systems

Key Features

  • Delivers best quality of power equivalent to the grid power.
  • Wave form remains un- distorted with varying load types – resistive, capacitive or inductive.
  • Ensure long life of home appliances.
  • Assure you of no hassles such as lights flickering or appliances humming.
  • Promise higher efficiency of appliances at same VA rating.
  • Maintain steady and uninterrupted power.
  • Are user friendly and convenient to handle.

Tubular Battery

Product Brand: Exide
Product Type:  Inva Tubular IT500
Warranty: 66 Months*
Capacity@ C20 150 AH
Dimensions: 512(L)X192(W)X466(H)
Weight: 57.39 Kg

*Warranty: 66 Months (48 Months Free of Cost + 18 Months Pro Rata).

Key Features

  • Guarantee longer life and higher power output.
  • Higher backups.
  • Minimal plate failures.
  • Ability to withstand long and frequent power outages.
  • Ability to recover from deep discharge.
  • Require lesser topping-up frequency.
  • Have better thermal management.

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