Amaron-FL-545106036 (DIN45) 60 Months Warranty Fusion-D

Rs 4,900.00

(Price Listed above After Exchange same AH Old Battery)

RS 5700.00

(Price Listed above without Exchange of Old Battery)

Prices are Inclusive of GST
Product Brand: AMARON
Product Type: FL-545106036(DIN45)
Warranty: 60 Months*
Product Capacity: 45 AH
Dimensions: 207(L)X175(W)X190(H)
Battery Layout: Left
Weight: 13.0 Kg

*Warranty: 60 Months (30months Free of Cost + 30 Months Pro Rata)

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Fusion Diesel Amaron Battery Ford Fusion Car Battery Price. Warranty: 60 Months (30months Free of Cost + 30 Months Pro Rata). Battery Type: Amaron-FL-545106036 (DIN45). AH: 45. So Fix Your Car Battery and MAKE A CALL. +91 9747544554.

Fusion Diesel Amaron Battery Ford Fusion Car Battery Price.

Maintenance Tips for Amaron Battery

Check Electrolyte of Fusion Diesel Amaron Battery

Check the Car Battery Electrolyte level regularly. If the water level is low fill with distilled water up to just above the Separator. Clean the top of the Car Battery if any wet portion remains.

Amaron Car Battery Terminals Should always clean

Cleaning Car Battery Terminals frequently will protect our Car Batteries from failure. The dirt and corrosion on the Car Battery terminals may stop the flow of electricity. So clean the battery terminal twice a month.

Amaron Car Battery Indicator

If your Car battery is maintained free there is one Indicator on the top of the Car battery which will show the status of your Car Battery. It indicates whether the Car Battery needs to be charged or replaced. Some times Car will Still Start the engine but if the indicator shows replace the Car Battery. It is advisable to change the Car Battery if the Indicator shows the sign.

Don’t avoid Warning Signals Ford Fusion Car

Change your Car Battery when it is giving signals of failure. Confirm it relates to your Car Battery Replace it without lag. New generation Cars’ modern electronic components are working with the help of Car Batteries. The slight voltage drop will affect all these components badly. So it is highly recommended to replace the Car Battery without lag.

Fusion Diesel Amaron Battery Ford Fusion Car Battery Price.

Ford Fusion Diesel Car is having Battery which is 12 Volt 45AH. Amaron is the Best suitable Ford Fusion Diesel Car Battery. We showcased all types of Car Batteries on our Website including Amaron-FL-545106036 (DIN45) 60 Months Warranty for Fusion Diesel Amaron Battery. While we have Discounted prices, Manufacturer Warranty, and Leading Brands. While we ensure Free Home Delivery and Installation within 1Hr inside selected Cities. So Fix Your Amaron Ford Fusion Car Battery and MAKE A CALL. +91 9747544554.

You choose an Amaron Ford Fusion Car Battery and make a call, We deliver it right to Your address and pay for the Car Battery on Delivery, While we ensure Quick delivery, Free Installation, and free after-sale service all the time. Of course, we know the emergency situation “Car Battery failed”

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