Amaron-FL-566112060 (DIN66) 55 Months Warranty Fiesta-D

Rs 6,350.00

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Product Brand: AMARON
Product Type: FL-566112060(DIN66)
Warranty: 55 Months*
Product Capacity: 60 AH
Dimensions: 242(L)X175(W)X190(H)
Battery Layout: Left
Weight: 16.5 Kg

*Warranty: 55 Months (30 Months Free of Cost + 25 Months Pro Rata)

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Fiesta Diesel Amaron Battery Ford Fiesta Amaron Car Battery. Warranty: 55 Months (30months Free of Cost + 25 Months Pro Rata). Battery Type: Amaron-FL-566112060(DIN66). AH: 60. So Fix Your Car  Battery and MAKE A CALL. +91 9747544554.

FiestaAmaron Battery.

Car Batteries

Batteries are the main part of a Cars 4 Wheelers part. The battery helps to start the Engine and Keep the lights, horns, and Electronic accessories working, and Certainly Car Batteries are the most important role in keeping Rolling your Car. Electrical energy stored in the Car Battery is used for the Car Works. The reason that Car Battery Replacing and maintenance is a Serious Matter. Here are some tips that lead you to Cars and Four Wheeler Batteries Long life.

Car Battery Life | Ford Fiesta Amaron Car Battery

Cars Batteries last for 3 to 5 years normally depending on different factors most noteworthy is Weather. Running Car Engine already produces high heat besides that very hot sunny day gives a Car Battery more Damage and leads to Battery Water loss. These matters together will increase the chance to reduce Cars Batteries  Life. Continuous log Runs or Driving on very Hot Sunny Days Cars Batteries will discharge fastly. Because of that Cars Batteries life in hotter regions is about 2.5 years. While in the Coldest regions, it is 4 to 5 years.

So Weather is the main factor that decides the life of Cars Batteries. Most important is to give more care to extreme climates.

Amaron Car Battery

Amaron Car Battery is India’s Leading Car Battery Brand Manufactured by Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL) in collaboration with Johnsons Controls Inc, United States makers of Stan by Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries (VRLA).

Fiesta Diesel Amaron Battery.

Ford Fiesta Diesel Car is having Battery which is 12 Volt 60AH DIN60. Amaron is Best suitable Ford Fiesta Diesel Car Battery. We showcased all types of Car Batteries on our Website including Ford Fiesta Diesel Amaron Battery  Amaron-FL-566112060 (DIN66) 55 Months Warranty. While we have Discounted prices, Manufacture warranties, and Leading Brands. While we ensure Free Home Delivery and Installation within 1Hr inside selected Cities. So Fix Your Amaron Battery for Ford Fiesta Diesel Amaron Battery and MAKE A CALL. +91 9747544554.


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