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SF Sonic Inverter 1100VA + 150AH Battery

Inverter 1100VA + 150AH Battery Best Price In Trivandrum SF Sonic + Tubular Battery Combo Offer Dealer in Ernakulam. So Fix you Inverter and Battery Just Make a Call

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    Inverter PRIMA P1100VA + 150AH Battery SM10000

    Rs 23,239.00 Rs 19,000.00
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    Inverter PRIMA P1100VA


    Warranty: 24

    Home UPS (Inverter) Type: 1100VA

    Key Features

    The Pure Sine Wave Home UPS is specially designed with PWM Technology to provide convenience and uninterrupted power to households as well as offices and for any other appliance. The UPS has the requisite power back-up solution for both domestic and commercial requirements.

    Inverter Battery 150AH Battery SM10000

    Warranty: 36F+12P

    Key Features

    AH : 150

    Tubular Inverter Battery.

    • More than 20% extra Electrolyte which means lesser Topping-up Frequency and Better Thermal Management
    • Abuse Resistant
    • Tall Tubular Technology
    • Electrolyte Level Indicator for easy Top-up
    • Minimum Maintenance
    • Deep Cycle Design (600-700 cycles at 80% DOD)
    • Withstand Frequent and Long Power-cuts
    • Faster Recharge
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